These 4 Portraits Are Not Just Stunningly Beautiful. This Is How The 4 Seasons Look… In Our Dreams.

21-year-old Florida-based artist Morgan Davidson has always had a strong passion for drawing and an artistic career from a young age, she tells us on her website. Davidson has taken an interest in nature and fashion and enthusiasm for portraiture and that shows in the vibrant colors and rich detail of her works, which are “almost solely drawn in colored pencil”.

A case in point: the artist’s breathtakingly beautiful representations of the four seasons, in the shape of young women. Well, I have no critique to offer, just take a look for yourself and enjoy.

1. Autumn girl.

Autumn girl.

Photograph by Morgan Davidson.

2. Spring Girl.

Spring Girl.

Photograph by Morgan Davidson.

3. Summer girl.

Summer girl.

Photograph by Morgan Davidson.

4. Winter girl.

Winter girl.

Photograph by Morgan Davidson.

5. Morgan Davidson’s self-portrait.

Morgan Davidson's self-portrait.

Photograph by Morgan Davidson.

H / T Visual News.

If, like me, you just can’t get enough of Morgan Davidson’s enchanting creations, just go to the artist’s website and see it all there. Oh, and don’t be selfish and share her work with your friends below — they have just as much right to be enthralled as you are.