68-Year-Old ‘Granny Ripper’ Confesses To 10 Murders Over 20 Years.

Dubbed the “Granny Ripper”, a 68-year-old woman has written a diary, confessing to at least ten murders. She dismembered her victims over a period of two decades.

Tamara Samsonova allegedly beheaded and dismembered her victims in Russia’s second-biggest city, St. Petersburg.

Samsonova has entered the details of her secret life in diaries which she kept in three languages — Russian, English and German — along with black magic and astrological books. (Scroll down for the videos.)

1. Suspected serial killer Tamara Samsonova, 67, allegedly beheaded and dismembered her victims.

68-Year-Old 'Granny Ripper' Confesses To 10 Murders Over 20 Years.

The suspected serial killer was arrested earlier this week, after the decapitated body of 79-year-old Valentina Ulanova, whom she cared for, was found near a pond on in Dimitrova Street in St. Petersburg.

Security footage captured Samsonova carrying her victim’s body parts in a black plastic bag.

Police are now working to match her detailed diary entries to known cases of unsolved murders, in which victims have been dismembered and body parts were packed in bags. Police said:

A diary was found where the woman described murders which took place more than ten years ago. Now police are going through all old unsolved cases for the last 20 years.

2. Security footage captured Samsonova carrying her victim’s body parts in a black plastic bag.

The headless, armless and legless body of a man was found on the same street 12 years ago and now evidence has been found in her apartment, including a business card of the victim, which links her to the crime.

Furthermore, there are diary entries mentioning the victim’s tattoos, police sources said. The police said in a statement:

The woman is incriminated in the murder of her tenant, a 44 year old native of Norilsk, who was renting a room in her apartment on September 6 2003 during a sudden argument.

After that she dismembered his body and took it outside.

3. Police found diaries and are now comparing her detailed diary entries with unsolved murder cases.

68-Year-Old 'Granny Ripper' Confesses To 10 Murders Over 20 Years.

Samsonova has now admitted to at least one more murder to the investigators — that of another tenant whose dismembered body was put into plastic bags, which were then strewn around the city.

Police are also investigating whether she is behind the disappearance of her husband, whom she reported missing back in 2005. He has never been found, dead or alive.

The suspect is now being questioned by the police. She reportedly admits committing the crimes, however has not gone into detail.

In her apartment, police found a saw and a knife, as well as blood spots in her bathroom. An investigator said:

She’s either much more stupid, or much smarter, than she seems.

Samsonova initially told the investigators that she was a former actress and a graduate of a ballet academy, however she later admitted that she was a floor lady monitoring guests at one of the city’s best hotels in the Soviet era.

4. “Granny Ripper” is accused of killing and dismembering 10 people.

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