A 16-Year-Old Ohio Teen Is Charged With Quadruple Homicide.

A 16-year-old teen has been charged with murder in the shooting deaths of four people at a house in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday.

Jordyn D. Wade, of South Linden, Ohio, was charged with four delinquency counts of murder and five delinquency counts of kidnapping.

Wade is accused of killing Michael Ballour, 41, Angela Harrison, 35, Daniel Sharp 36, and Tyajah Nelson 18. (Scroll down for the video.)

1. People react to reports that multiple people were killed and a teenage girl was injured in a shooting inside a home on Saturday in Columbus, Ohio.

A 16-Year-Old Ohio Teen Is Charged With Quadruple Homicide.

2. A police dispatcher confirmed that four people were found dead in various parts of the home. Two of the victims might have been found in the basement, sources said.

A 16-Year-Old Ohio Teen Is Charged With Quadruple Homicide.

When police arrived at the home early on Saturday morning, they found a woman bleeding from a gunshot wound on the sidewalk. Inside the house, the officers found the four bodies.

The unidentified injured woman was treated at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center and later released.

Sgt. David Sicilian of the Columbus police homicide unit told The Columbus Dispatch that police have an idea of the motive, but did not elaborate. He said:

It’s a pretty ugly scene inside.

Of the victims, Ballour lived in the house, however the others did not. Angela D. Harrison lived on the East Side and leaves behind five children, according to her relatives.

3. Police said that a fifth person, a woman, was found nearby with a gun shot wound. She was taken to Grant Medical Center in stable condition. She was treated and released by Saturday afternoon.

A 16-Year-Old Ohio Teen Is Charged With Quadruple Homicide.

4. Police obtained a warrant to search the house and officers canvassed the neighborhood for any witnesses.

A 16-Year-Old Ohio Teen Is Charged With Quadruple Homicide.

A cousin who asked to remain anonymous, told The Dispatch:

If you knew Angela, it doesn’t make sense.

The family last saw Angela alive on Friday night, when she went out with a friend. They learned of her death on Sunday. An aunt said she could not believe that a 16-year-old was charged in the killings. She said:

These kids are sick that go in and shoot five people. And there is still somebody walking around out there.

Angela’s brother Charles Harrison said that their second cousin was killed just a month ago. He said:

Right now, the family is suffering from two senseless murders.

5. “Ugly scene”: 2 men, 2 women shot to death in a South Linden house — a Columbus Dispatch report.

Read more: The Columbus Dispatch.

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