A Chicken Survives A 70MPH Collision UNSCATHED! The Car Is Not So Fortunate…

So, 31-year old Huang Lingyong was blissfully driving his Toyota Corolla in China’s Jiangxi province, going at 70 mph, when a chicken decided to cross the road right in front of him.

With no time to react, a collision was unavoidable. But what happened next was simply unbelievable. The bird survived the impact completely intact, although probably somewhat annoyed at the delay it had suffered at Lingyong’s hands.

The car, however, was left with a rather big hole in the bumper. I am still trying to wrap my mind around this…

1. The driver was doing around 70mph near an industrial park in Xinfeng county, south China, when the bird walked out in front of him.

Who Will Come Out Worst When A Car Hits A Chicken At 70 MPH? The Answer Will Shock You!

Source: The Daily Mail.

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