A Driver Reverses His Car Into A River – 12/3/2016, Traffic Cam Footage.

A driver was filmed mistakenly stepping on the wrong pedal and reversing his car into a river in Yangzhong City of east China’s Jiangsu Province on Saturday.

The unfortunate driver, identified only as Zhang, pulled over to greet a friend and stepped out of his car without properly parking it at around 13:20 on Saturday, 3 December.

After noticing his car moving slowly downhill towards the river, Zhang ran back into try and stop it.

However, the man stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake one, causing the car to start accelerating backwards.

The vehicle proceeded to crash into an electrical bicycle before eventually falling into the river flowing in the background.

Luckily, the bicycle rider did not sustain any injuries from the collision.

The water level was not deep, so Zhang was able to act quickly and escape from the river without sustaining any injuries.

According to traffic police, Zhang was not driving under any influence.