A Father Films Himself Beating The Man Who Tried To Rape His Daughter Then Posts The Gory Video Of Him Begging For Mercy. None Was Given…

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT! The father of a young girl who was allegedly the victim of online grooming took justice into his own hands and filmed himself beating the culprit in a gory video.

The 23-year-old unidentified victim has reportedly harassed the 11-year-old girl for several months in the state of Goias, Brazil. It is believed that the man sent her pictures via Whatsapp and arranged to meet her.

However, what the man did not realize was that he had actually been chatting with the young girl’s father. (Scroll down for the video.)

1. The father of an 11-year-old girl who was allegedly the victim of online grooming filmed himself beating the man responsible in a gory video.

Warning: graphic image! Click here to view.

When the man arrived for the meeting, the girl’s father beat him up and filmed the whole thing, before killing him.

The father then posted the gory video of the attack, as a “warning that those who do wrong, have to pay for it”, he said.

The footage shows the man bleeding heavily from a wound around his mouth.

An angry exchange can be heard, in which the alleged would-be abuser swears that he would never again try to contact the young girl.

2. A Brazilian father films himself beating the would-be molester of his 11-year-old daughter.

Warning: graphic video! Click here to view.

The man is heard begging for mercy and seems to be held up by the neck by the girl’s father. He says, in Portuguese:

Never again, never again, never again.

The father replies:

You will learn from this beating that you will now take you b*****d.

The camera then moves away from the alleged child abuser’s face and he’s heard screaming before the footage cuts out.

The man’s body was found three days after the video was posted, in the middle of the thicket where the beating occurred, according to LiveLeak.com.

Source: LiveLeak.com.

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