A Grill Brush Bristle Found Its Way Into This Woman’s Hamburger To Land Her In Surgery.

A Connecticut woman was rushed into surgery with acute stomach pain after she accidentally swallowed a grill brush bristle hidden in her hamburger.

Cheryl Harrison was rushed to MidState Medical Center in Meriden, Connecticut, two days after she ate the hamburger. Doctors performed emergency surgery on the 52-year-old in order to remove the foreign object, which was stuck in her lower intestine.

The metal bristle was less than an inch long, according to Dr. Aziz Benbrahim, who operated on Harrison. (Scroll down for the video.)

1. A Connecticut woman swallowed a grill brush bristle with her burger and ended up being rushed to surgery (photo: WTNH News8).

A Grill Brush Bristle Found Its Way Into This Woman's Hamburger To Land Her In Surgery.

Harrison spoke at a news conference after her recovery from the surgery last week. She said:

If it was in my mouth and I bit it and I knew it I wouldn’t have swallowed it.

It must have been positioned in that burger just perfect, and I ingested it and swallowed it.

A CAT scan revealed that the tiny piece of metal was stuck in Harrison’s intestine, which can be very dangerous, Dr. Benbrahim explained. The patient said:

I figured out it might have been from the grill brush, so at that point, we did the CAT scan, and I had to have emergency surgery.

2. Cheryl Harrison swallowed the bristle which was less than an inch long, yet did a huge damage (photo: WTNH News8).

A Grill Brush Bristle Found Its Way Into This Woman's Hamburger To Land Her In Surgery.

Dr. Benbrahim explained that the operation took minutes and added that Harrison was lucky because an object entering into a person’s small bowels can lead to his or her death. He said:

We have a kink, a right angle, and it does not negotiate it well, and at that time, it can makes a hole in the intestine.

It turned out that Dr. Benbrahim had performed the exact same surgery a year ago, following a similar incident involving a 50-year-old man. He said:

He was very sick for a few days and then he had blood clots in his lungs, so it was really really life-threatening but he recovered well.

3. Eating a grill brush bristle in her burger lands a Connecticut woman in surgery — a WTNH News8 report.

Harrison has been released from the hospital and is now in good health and recovering at home. She had an advice for users of wire-bristled brushes:

Visually check to see if any bristles hanging out or stuck on the grill. You just really donΓÇÖt want that to happen to you.

One thing is certain: she will be following her own advice to the letter.

4. Doctors issue a warning about the dangers of cleaning grills with wire-bristled brushes — A FOX CT report.

Sources: FOX CT, WTNH News8.

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