A Humiliated Tiger Falls Off A Tree After Being Outsmarted By The Monkey She Hunted…

A huge tiger was humiliated by a clever monkey when the apex predator fell out of a tree trying to catch her prey.

This video, which has captured the tense standoff between the two. Climbing the tree, the big cat must have been hungry or provoked to have gone to such an effort as tigers are not known for their agility.

And the monkey evidently knows it has the upper hand as it toys with the predator to approach him. After moments of tension, the tiger makes a move but ends up clawing onto the tree to hold on. Eventually, she loses her grip and tumbles to the ground, ending in a mighty thud.

A tiger tumbles from a tree after getting outsmarted by a monkey she hunted…

A Tiger Tumbles From A Tree After Getting Outsmarted By A Monkey He Hunted...

Here is the video:

And here are the highlights:

Source: http://www.viralspell.com/?p=32372.

And here is the scene from another angle:

And here are the highlights:

Source: http://www.viralspell.com/?p=33271.

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