A Kansas Police Officer Steps In To Feed A Baby After Her Mom Has A Seizure.

The touching picture of a police officer bottle-feeding a baby whose mother suffered a seizure at a Kansas mall has gone viral and made him a social media celebrity.

When Overland Park, Kansas, officer Andy Black responded to a call to help a woman at Oak Park mall on Saturday, he saw that the woman had recovered somewhat, but was still shaking badly.

As her husband talked to paramedics, Black became concerned that the mother might drop her baby and asked if he could hold the child. (Scroll down for the video.)

1. This is the heartwarming moment police officer Andy Black helped bottle-feed a baby after her mother suffered a seizure at the Oak Park mall in Overland Park, Kansas.

A Kansas Police Officer Steps In To Feed A Baby After Her Mom Has A Seizure.

Officer Black told Fox 4 News:

She had the baby and was putting the bottle in her mouth, and when she gave her to me, she handed me the bottle.

The baby started crying. I’m a grandpa. I took the bottle and I fed the baby.

The officer, who has worked off-duty at Oak Park mall for 25 years, has 14 grandchildren.

2. When Black (pictured winning officer of the year in 2013) saw the woman shaking badly, he asked if he could hold the little girl.

A Kansas Police Officer Steps In To Feed A Baby After Her Mom Has A Seizure.

Photographer Jilli Nel, who took the photo, said:

I looked and the next thing I saw Officer Black, and there he was, holding this little tiny bundle of joy.

Just feeding her, the two of them in their own little world.

It was so beautiful, it just touched my heart so much that I had to stop and just talk to him.

3. A photo of a Kansas police officer feeding a baby goes viral.

The photographer then shared the picture on Facebook and wrote in the description:

This is what we don’t get to see, the times of the quiet hero, going beyond his duty.

The image quickly went viral and Nel has even found herself being accused of staging it. She said:

It wasn’t. It was just a pure moment that I had to capture.

She added that her picture shows that police officers are “just people” and “they’ve got hearts too”.

4. A photo with an officer in Overland, Kansas, gets worldwide attention after a quick thinking artist captures an intimate moment: a police officer feeding a tiny baby.

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