A Mosquito Bite Causes This Man’s Face To Balloon Beyond Recognition.

A seemingly innocuous mosquito bite has caused a Chinese man’s face to swell up like a balloon.

Identified only as Mr. Zhang, 30, the man was bitten by a single mosquito at his work in Jiangsu province, eastern China, at the end of May.

Shortly afterward, Zhang’s entire face became swollen to such an extent that he could barely open his eyes. Incredibly, the swelling has yet to subside two months after the bite, The People’s Daily reports. (Scroll down for the video.)

1. A single mosquito bite at the end of May has caused Zhang’s entire face to swell up like a balloon.

A Mosquito Bite Causes This Man's Face To Balloon Beyond Recognition.

Recalling the incident, Zhang said:

I clearly remembered that I was bitten by a mosquito on May 26.

He then squeezed it with his hand to relieve the itching. However, the skin around the bump quickly became inflamed. Shortly afterward, his whole face swelled up, as did his lips. He couldn’t even open his eyes.

Doctors put the swelling down to the mosquito bite and add that there is no specific treatment, apart from using ice on his face to relieve the pain and discomfort.

Zhang developed high fever on June 15, but has had no other complications aside from the facial swelling.

2. The swelling has still not gone down, two months later. Pictured is a more common reaction to bites (photo: Wikimedia).

A Mosquito Bite Causes This Man's Face To Balloon Beyond Recognition.

Dr. Dai Tao, director at the Luoyang Oriental Hospital where Zhang was treated, said:

His condition is extremely rare. Other than the swelling in the face, nothing else seems to be wrong.

Dr. Tao added that the swelling was Zhang’s immune system’s reaction to the mosquito bite, which he says may have been more poisonous than typical bites.

Lymph nodes on the patient’s face and neck have been blamed for causing the enormous size of the swelling.

Since the bite, Zhang has been dismissed from his job for frequently taking time off to get medical treatment. He is now resting at home, however is expected to need further treatment from specialists.

3. Popping and squeezing an infected mosquito bite — beware!

Read more: The People’s Daily.

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