A Mother Breastfeeds Too Soon After Fake Tanning… Then THIS Happens.

A mother shared a hilarious “epic parenting fail” moment earlier this week, which promptly went viral.

Gemma Colley, from England, posted a photo on The Unmumsy Mum Facebook page of her baby son with a fake tanned face after she accidentally breastfed him a little too soon after getting a spray tan.

Thankfully, Colley saw the funny side of what she described as her “epic parenting fail” and laughed about it, along with the rest of the world.

1. A British mother has shared a picture of her baby boy, who accidentally received a fake tan “five o’clock shadow” after she breastfed him a little too soon after having a spray tan.

A Mother Breastfeeds Too Soon After Fake Tanning... Then THIS Happens.

Alongside her image on Facebook, Colley wrote:

From one mom to another, I’d like to let you know about my epic fail of fails.

Yesterday I had a spray tan, a few hours later I breastfed my little boy. Cue 5 o’clock shadow and a very guilty mommy.

The post quickly received more than 100,000 Facebook “likes” and was shared over 23,000 times after Colley posted the image on Thursday.

The baby’s nose, cheeks and chin are all covered in the orange-brown tan which rubbed off on him during breastfeeding.

2. After the overwhelming response on Facebook, Colley shared a more recent picture of her baby son, without the facial tan.

A Mother Breastfeeds Too Soon After Fake Tanning... Then THIS Happens.

The incident seems to have taken place recently, as after the image received a massive response on Facebook, Colley followed up with a newer picture of her son, this time without the facial tan. She wrote:

Photo evidence that tonight’s feed was much less orange.

Thanks for all the positive comments. I’m just another mummy trying to shed light on the adventures and misadventures of being a parent.

Dominique Lavac, owner of spray tanning business Bondi Tans, says that breastfeeding mothers don’t risk harming their babies by continuing breastfeeding. In other words, it was all a bit of harmless fun.

3. The benefits of breastfeeding (related).

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