A Phony Soldier Scams A Woman Into Giving Him $1,000 For His ‘Service’ To The Country; Promises To Marry Her.

A phony soldier has scammed a woman into giving him $1,000 after convincing her that he is serving our country in Middle Eastern hot spots.

The unidentified woman became convinced that a she had met online was someone who will protect his county and his girl. She said:

He was supposed to be coming home to me. We would see a picture like this and we would believe, wow, he is really over there.

The victim says that she sent a total of about $1,000 over the period of several months to a person claiming to be a military policeman serving in Middle Eastern hot spots. She said:

He’s playing on the weaknesses of us because we’re thankful they’re fighting for us.

Combat pay wasn’t enough for him, the scammer told his victim, and he needed her to send him money. She said:

Fifty dollars here and $100 there.

In emails with pictures, the scammer promised to meet and eventually marry her, once his deployment is over.

The victim decided to test the scammer with a secret mission of her own by sending him a birthday card and telling him to film himself holding it to verify that she’s been sending her money to a real-life soldier.

The scammer’s response, however, was not what she expected:

He couldn’t post anything, they were on high alert.

Investigating further, the victim found the same images of her serviceman stamped stolen by scammers. She said:

My feelings and patriotism for hard working soldiers was taken advantage of.

The victim is now confident that she received pictures which have been stolen and deployed on dating websites to camouflage a scam.

The Military Police Battalion reports that there’s no soldier by the name the victim had been given and that this is not the first time it happened.