A Polar Fox Makes The Best Live Fur Hat Ever!

In the world’s northernmost animal park in Norway animals are not kept in cages, so people wandering around it need to be on high alert — even at minus 22C, when most living creatures would be looking for some warm place to hide in.

And if you lower your guard, even for a moment, you risk becoming a play toy for some opportunistic canine. And the canine in question is the white polar fox — one of the smallest members of its family.

That is precisely the fate that befell one woman and we are fortunate that there was a wildlife photographer on hand to document the encounter. You will love what follows.

1. Photographer Pal Jakobsen catches the moment an arctic fox, critically endangered within Norway, jumped onto the head of his friend Lene Kvandal.

This Cute Polar Fox Made The Best Live Fur Hat Ever... An Awesomely Smart Little Beast. Amazing.

Source: The Daily Mail.

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