A Police Officer Challenges A Disabled Veteran For Legally Parking In A Handicapped Spot.

Isaah James had all of the documents needed to prove that he was disabled and he had his handicap placard placed on the dashboard of his car.

James never expected that a police officer would walk over to him and begin questioning his right to use a handicap parking space.

James is a 28 year-old Veteran of the US Army. He served over a decade.

During a total of three tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, James was blown up with IEDs.

He was subsequently classified as 90-percent disabled by medical professionals after spending two months in a coma and nearly dying.

However, because he “wasn’t in a wheelchair”, the police officer evidently felt the need to begin questioning him.

James was shopping at Walgreens with his father when Sgt. Garry Wilson approached him.

Officer Wilson didn’t think James “looked disabled”, despite the fact that all of the veteran’s information was verifiable and his placard was clearly disclosed.

James did not tolerate the officer’s questions and told him that he was welcome to check all of the documents to ensure that he really is disabled.

The officer got increasingly frustrated and then out of nowhere slapped James’s phone to the ground.

That got James even more frustrated and he confronted the officer even more energetically.

Judging by the officer’s body language, he knew he was in the wrong, however did not want to admit it.

Later it was announced that Sgt. Garry Wilson, of the Riviera Beach Police Department, was charged with battery and criminal mischief, resulting from the confrontation he had with Isiah James over whether he should be using a handicapped parking space.

Here is a news report of the confrontation’s aftermath: