A Spanish Matador Suffers An ‘Eviscerated Testicle’ After Being Gored By A Bull.

Spanish matador Marco Galan has suffered an “eviscerated testicle” after being gored in the groin by a bull during Madrid’s annual bullfighting festival.

Galan had just pierced the animal in the back of the neck with two spears when the bull fought back and caught him in the groin with his left horn.

The bullfighter admitted that the incident, which occurred during a fight on Sunday wasn’t my greatest moment”, and added that the bull’s attack tore his scrotum open and left him bleeding profusely.

The video has captured Galan jumping into the air to spear the bull’s neck with his bandarillas — barbed spears — before being gored.

Other bullfighters then try to distract the bull and give Galan time to escape, but the bull attacks and hooks its horn through Galan’s jacket and drags him along the ground.

Eventually, the enraged animal lets go of Galan and he is able to crawl away and into the infirmary, before being taken to hospital.

In an interview for The Local, Galan said:

I placed the bandarillas well, but then it went a bit wrong and then I was on the horns of the bull.

It was over very quickly and I got away. These things happen when you go in the ring. But bad things can also happen just walking down the street.

1. This is the moment Spanish bullfighter Marco Galan was left with an “eviscerated testicle” after being hit in the crotch by a bull’s horn during a fight in Madrid on Sunday.

A Spanish Matador Suffers An 'Eviscerated Testicle' After Being Gored By A Bull.

Galan added:

Thanks to God that I was spared. I feel very lucky. I love Las Ventas in Madrid, it’s my favorite bullring, but on Sunday it just didn’t go my way.

The bullfighter is currently being treated in hospital, but hopes to have recovered sufficiently to be able to compete in a fight scheduled for next month in France.

2. Galan, who is still recovering in hospital, says he plans to take part in a bullfight in France next month. He admitted that the accident “wasn’t my greatest moment”.

A Spanish Matador Suffers An 'Eviscerated Testicle' After Being Gored By A Bull.

Galan’s goring occurred during the San Isidro bullfighting festival in Madrid, which Ernest Hemingway once called the “world series of bullfighting”.

Madrid’s fiesta, which is named after the town’s patron saint and runs for a month between May 15 and June 15, features a bullfight every day.

The bullfights take place at the 25,000-seat Plaza de Toros stadium in the city’s Guindalera quarter.

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