A Young Man Told His Family He Was Gay. This Is How They Reacted…

Reddit user rythymknight has shared an extraordinary video with us, under the title: How not to react when your son tells you that he’s gay. You will not be surprised to learn that both the Reddit post and the video itself have taken off like a rocket.

Here are some further details rythymknight has shared with us:

Just for clarification: this is not me. It’s my boyfriend. His parents kicked him out for being gay… It was a family intervention. There was a group of people there.

Then the person who posted the video on YouTube — a user by the name of Regina Ryan — has this to add:

This family gave a young man two options: attend a pray the gay away intervention, or face being disowned by the very people who are supposed to love him unconditionally… This is a 19 year old friend of mine who is currently staying with very supportive friends. He is safe and removed from the situation. I am posting this on his behalf per his request. I was not witness to the events that transpired, but was present immediately after to help him relocate.

Now just watch the video, which only a day after being posted has attracted more than 576,000 views — it cannot be described…

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