Another Deadly Spider Nest Is Found In A Bunch Of Bananas.

Another British family is living in fear that one the world’s deadliest spiders has moved into their home after hitching a ride on a bunch of bananas.

Michaela Egan, 24, noticed a white spider cocoon on the bananas she had bought from Tesco four days earlier and took a photo of it.

She shared the picture on her Facebook page and users have since suggested that it could be a Brazilian wandering spider, whose venom can cause male victims to suffer a painful four-hour erection before dying. (Scroll down for the video.)

1. Michaela Egan, with her boyfriend William Osborne and children Ella-Mae, five, and one-year-old George (pictured, left) has been left terrified after discovering a suspicious white spider cocoon on a bunch of bananas (right) (photos:

Another Deadly Spider Nest Is Found In A Bunch Of Bananas.

Michaela, a mother-of-two, placed the bananas into a sealed bag and returned them to Tesco where she was offered a full refund before staff sent the package to be tested.

But now Michaela is concerned that the spider may have laid eggs in her home and baby spiders could have already hatched. She said:

I just couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I knew It was some sort of spider because of the webbing.

I started to get really freaked out when everyone was posting pictures and stories of the Brazilian wandering spider.

It just looked like a brown bulge under the webbing but everyone was saying that’s what it was.

2. The scientific name for the Brazilian wandering spider — Phoneutria — is Greek for “murderess” (photo: Wikimedia).

A Family Finds Eggs Of The World's Deadliest Spider In The Bananas They Bought At The Supermarket.

Michaela added that she could have easily given one of the bananas to her daughter for her packed lunch. She said:

The banana had been there for four days so anything could have happened, I’m really scared they’re in the house.

A Tesco spokesperson said:

We set ourselves the highest standards for the quality of our produce. Our customer service team are investigating this inquiry and will be in touch with Ms Egan as soon as possible.

3. Michaela Egan pictured with her two children. She said she could have easily given it to one of them for their lunch.

Another Deadly Spider Nest Is Found In A Bunch Of Bananas.

This incident comes just days after another British family reported finding eggs of the Brazilian wandering spider in the bananas they bought at Aldi — another supermarket chain.

The find led to the store’s closure for a day.

The Brazilian wandering spider builds webbed nests on bananas and The Guinness World Records has it listed as the most venomous arachnid on Earth.

The species’ name comes from their preference to wander the jungle floor at night, rather than staying in a lair or keeping a web.

The Brazilian wandering spider venom is the most toxic one and can cause death within two hours of a bite. It is known to have killed at least 14 people until an antidote was eventually developed in 1996.

The spider’s bite is known to cause a painful unwanted erection in men, which sometimes lasts for four hours.

4. Earlier this month, a video of a spider bursting out of a banana, just as a person was about to eat it, went viral in a big way.

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