As Part Of His Job, A Plumber Lets A Client In On His Daughter’s Awkward Secret.

Who knew that plumbers, of all people, could double as private investigators?!

Yet, that is precisely what one British plumber unwittingly became during what must have seemed as a routine service call. Quite apart from unclogging the drain, he discovered what his client’s daughter had been up to while her parents were on vacation.

The plumber in question, Ryan Malliband, posted an account of the experience later on Facebook and it quickly went viral.

1. Plumber Ryan Malliband unblocked a drain for a client and revealed an awkward secret of his daughter in the process.

As Part Of His Job, A Plumber Lets A Client In On His Daughter's Awkward Secret.

That must have been awkward!

Of course, the most important part is that the toilet is in perfect working order once more.

Moreover, it is probably safe to assume that this teen will cause no more plumbing problems anytime soon.

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