Australians Really, Truly, Know How To Make Beer Ads. Like This One… Oh, Boy!

I freely admit that the last Australian beer ad I saw was years back and I don’t even remember the beer’s name. It might have been Foster’s, but it could have been something else.

Well, watching this one made me appreciate just how much I’ve been missing. Wow! The ad speaks for itself, so I won’t be making any introduction. I will just offer a couple of comments on Reddit, because I thought it was funny how people launched straight into discussing the quality of the beer, not the ad. One commenter says:

As far as a Australian beer goes Carlton Draught is ok (beer snobs will disagree, don’t listen to them they’re whingey cunts), but really I wouldn’t recommend paying a premium import price for it.

Another one adds:

It’s the working mans beer and is available in practically any normal pub in Australia. It’s my choice for beer on tap and in stubbies or long necks. It’s not sophisticated or special, it’s just good and reliable.

And it seems as though that comment has captured the consensus view pretty nicely. Now let’s move on to the ad itself. I’ve added another one underneath — it was suggested by another commenter and I thought it was great.

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