Bandit The Dog Knows Exactly What To Do When His Owner Feels ‘Parched’. And It Is Remarkable…

Bandit is one smart dog, that much will become immediately clear once you’ve seen this video. But it is still incredible to see just what he can do to relieve his owner when he’s feeling “parched”.

This remarkable video was posted by YouTube user Josh Ace under the title:

I’m parched.

That is what Josh tells Bandit when he feels like having a beer. Then Bandit immediately springs into action, trots to the fridge, opens it up, picks a beer from the inside, close the fridge’s door and brings the beer to Josh.

It is something incredible to see and people do love it — the clip has been viewed more than 430,000 times since being uploaded on 26 October.

As usual, the comments are worth going through, although for some reason the really weird ones seem to be more highly represented than usual. Go figure…

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