Biso The Cat Is Rescued After Being Stuck Behind A Wall For FIVE YEARS.

A cat who squeezed through a hole behind a train station wall as a kitten and then grew too big to get out has finally been freed after five years of imprisonment.

Biso had squeezed through the hole in the wall at the Mohamed Naguib metro station in Cairo as a kitten in 2010. However, it soon became to big to escape.

The feline survived thanks to an elderly man known locally as Uncle Abdo, who gave the trapped animal water and fed him scraps of food every day. (Scroll through for the images and the video.)

1. Biso the cat, who was stuck behind a wall in a Cairo train station for five years, has finally been freed.

A Cat Is Freed After Getting Stuck Behind A Train Station Wall For FIVE YEARS.

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Now, Biso is finally free, thanks to a social media campaign, The Cairo Post reports.

Animal rights activist Mounira Shehata told The Cairo Post that the smell behind the wall was “heinous”, when it was finally removed. She said:

It was like a tomb. There were black worms along four meters of the edge, where Uncle Abdo was able to put in food for Biso.

Uncle Abdo, who named the feline he cared for, explained that as a kitten Biso would often hide from bigger cats in the hole, but one day he was not able to get out again.

He added that workers had attempted to help the cat escape years ago, but a scared Biso had remained behind the wall.

Uncle Abdo even visited the train station to feed Biso during the revolution in Egypt four years ago, when most shops, including his own, were closed. He told Masr al-Arabia:

I do it for God. What is for God does not go away.

Biso’s plight attracted the attention of animal rights activists after a photo of the feline’s tail hanging from behind the wall was shared on Facebook last month.

The caption explained that the wall could not be broken to rescue the cat, because that would be considered damage to public property.

The image caught the attention of Ms. Shehata and her fellow animal rights activists Marwa Elgebaly and Rania el-Kordy and they all decided to rescue the cat on March 12.

Staff at the station told the women that they would need to come back a couple of days later and promised that a maintenance official would be able to help them.

Then, after animal rights worker Dina Zulfikar filed a report at the Abdeen police station on March 13, police officers arrived at the metro station.

The officers told the head of Mohamed Naguib metro station, in downtown Cairo, that they had a prosecution order to rescue Biso.

Staff were brought in to help and the rescue operation took more than five hours.

The terrified feline only got out of the hole after one worker, named Amr, crawled inside to bring him out.

Unfortunately, Biso quickly ran away before anyone was able to get a hold of him. Uncle Abdo is still looking for him inside the station.

Source: The Cairo Post.

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