Brought Up By A Wolfhound, This Kitten Is Now Convinced She’s A Dog.

Abandoned in a ditch when she was just three days old and brought up by an Irish Wolfhound, Roomba the kitten has “fought tooth and nail” to survive. But now, with the worse seemingly behind, she is going through an identity crisis — Roomba believes she’s a dog.

After her mother was run over and killed by a car, Roomba was taken home by Annie Georgeson, of Dibden, Hampshire, and the first thing the kitten saw when she opened her eyes was Aoife the fearsome-looking Wolfhound.

But a strong bond was quickly formed as Aoife “mothered” the tiny kitten and she now follows the dog everywhere and loves snuggling up to her.

1. Little Roomba thinks she is a dog after being brought up by Aoife the Irish Wolfhound (both pictured) — and the pair love nothing more than to play, snuggle up and groom one another.

Brought Up By A Wolfhound, Roomba The Kitten Now Firmly Believes She's A Dog. And Who's To Argue With Her?!

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Ms. Georgeson explained that Roomba quickly became friends not only with Aiofe, but also with Ohno, also a Wolfhound. She added:

She does all sorts of funny things like crawl in between the wolfhounds and you will just see a bit of cat poking out.

Roomba also rolls over with the Wolfhound when they do and just loves spending time with them. Sarah Mills, a manager at All Animal Rescue, which first took Roomba in after she was found, said:

It’s a very, very unusual situation. Annie fosters animals for us and Aiofe usually wants to eat cats, but she’s taken an extraordinary liking to Roomba. Even Ohno will put up with anything from Roomba.

It seems like her vulnerability has brought out an amazing maternal instinct in the dogs and they treat her like own of their own. Aiofe grooms Roomba and cleans her and Roomba does the same back to Aiofe.

Roomba is now looking for a permanent home and I have a feeling that she won’t have trouble finding one quickly. Ms Mills added:

Now Roomba is becoming more and more dog like. She runs to the door to greet people with the dogs, she eats the same food at the same time out of the same bowl and she follows the same routine.

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was this Irish wolfhound so I guess she thinks she’s a dog. She loves being around them.

And they love hanging out with her, too.

Source: The Daily Mail.

Share Roomba’s story with your friends and your thoughts in the comments below.