Charlie The Beagle Will Never Leave Baby Laura Without Toys To Play With. If Anything, He’ll Bring Her More Than She Can Handle…

Remember Charlie the Beagle? He is the dog who stole baby Laura’s favorite toy, only to realize moments later what a huge error he’d committed.

When the baby, understandably, started crying, Charlie did his best to make it up to her by bringing her some other toys and then just kept on bringing toys to her, including a Playstation controller.

Well, Charlie is once again at it in a new video in which he surprises his baby sister by throwing a ball party for her. Charlie’s YouTube channel, explains:

Hi my friends.I just wanted to share with you another cute video. Just check out what Charlie learned this time to surprise little baby Laura. I hope it can brighten up your day, whether you are an animal lover or not.

Well, it surely did brighten up my day and I hope it will do the same for you. I am also sharing the original “stolen toy” video underneath the new one for you to have fun with. Incredibly, that first video has racked up more than 12.7 million views.

1. Charlie Surprised Little Sister Laura and Created Ball Party for Her.

2. Guilty Dog Brings Toys to Crying Baby.

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