Curiosity Always Takes The Better Of A Cat. But Who Wouldn’t Want To Meet A Herd Of Deer?

Cats are curious animals — that much we do know for certain. But the old saying that curiosity killed the cat is not universally applicable. In fact, it may be that much more often curiosity works to a cat’s advantage.

Take the one in this video, for example. I mean, if she wasn’t that curious, she would have missed meeting these strange animals and have as much fun exploring them as she did.

Well, it is true that we don’t know for sure whether or not the cat had fun here, but I think we can safely assume it, judging by her persistence in studying the deer.

On the deer side, they weren’t exactly sure what to make of the little feline, but are every bit as curious as her.

So, neither deer nor cat seems to know exactly what they’re looking at, but curiosity gets the best of each species and a fascinating version of a cat and mouse game ensues.

Here is the video, enjoy!

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