Dr. Hannibal Lecter Has Had A Career Change. He’s Now Delivering Babies…

Oh, boy… I’d never thought I’d see something like this, but here it is. I have to say that, if I were one of this baby’s parents, I’d be petrified with fear at this sight. So, this extraordinary image was shared with us by Reddit user arsene14 under the matter-of-fact title:

Dr. Hannibal Lecter delivered my friend’s baby.

No further details have been released, not even on the most important questions of all — whether the baby survived Dr. Lecter’s care. I do wish that arsene14 had bothered to tell us something — anything — about this. I mean, this photo is truly phenomenal…

I am sure you can guess the type of comments such an image can attract. Here is a highly representative one:

His umbilical cord paired perfectly with a nice glass of Chianti.

Really, truly awesome… Small wonder that, in just six hours after it was uploaded, the image has already been viewed more than 1.1 million times. And what is it that makes The Silence of the Lambs so fascinating, almost a quarter of a century after the movie was released? Now here is the photo, followed by the movie’s official trailer.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter Has Had A Career Change. He's Now Delivering Babies...

Source: Imgur.

And here is the trailer:

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