Dyed In Bright Colors And Tied Up In Plastic Bags, Chicks Are Sold As TOYS In Thailand.

Dyed in bright colors and suffocating in plastic bags, these chicks are being sold as children’s toys in Thailand.

The baby birds were seen being transported on the back of a truck by a stunned tourist visiting Koh Lanta island.

One of the chicks, which had been dyed pink, was jumping around on the ground and in the truck, while others were placed into sealed plastic bags.

1. Chicks dyed and sold in plastic bags in Thailand.

The birds, packaged like goldfish at a funfair, had been brought to the beach to sell as children’s toys.

The truck was full of empty plastic bags, however it is unknown how much the chicks were being sold for.

This is not the first time Thailand has hit the headlines with stories about animal cruelty.

Back in April, there was a huge social media campaign to free baby elephant Nadia after pictures emerged of her tied up and forced to perform tricks for tourists.

And last year, there was a star-studded campaign to put an an end to the Thai practice of skinning dogs alive for their meat.

2. Thailand’s dog meat and skin business.

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