Hanged On A Tree And Left For Dead, This Dog Survives And Is Recovering…

A dog who was found hanged on a tree in Arizona is now recovering in a foster home with the help of more than $20,000 donated by complete strangers.

The Shepherd mix, named Sunny, was found hanging from a tree in Tucson, Arizona, with a rope tied around her mouth.

Jose Ocano, director of shelter operations at the Pima Animal Care Center, said that the canine slowly started to recover and is now being taken care of by a foster parent.

1. Sunny gets a visit from a Tucson officer as she recovers.

Sunny the dog was hanged on a tree and left for dead.

Ocano said:

She’s getting her spirit back. Even the look in the eye looks more trusting and hopeful, which is a testament to how resilient animals are.

He added that Sunny’s story went viral after they shared it on Facebook and thousands of dollars poured in to help with her recovery.

The Pima Animal Care Center has posted regular updates and pictures on its Facebook page, many of which have received more than 1,000 “likes”.

The shelter wrote in a Facebook post:

We’ve received many calls about the dog we rescued yesterday from the desert, where she’d been hung from a tree and left to die.

We’ve named her Sunny, because we must believe her days are getting brighter.

They wrote in another Facebook update:

“Sunny seems to be getting better and better, she was feeling well enough to jump on my bed this morning!” — Sunny’s foster mom.

She sleeps in the sun, she sniffs the kitties, and she goes potty (this last one is actually a BIG deal).

All is well in Sunny’s foster home — WHEW! We couldn’t be happier for everyone’s favorite girl.

Sunny’s medical bills have added up to about $2,500 and the rest of the donated money will benefit other animals at the shelter.

Pima Animal Care Center has about 650 dogs and 300 cats on a regular day and has a small budget, Ocano explained.

In the meantime, police are looking for tips about Sunny’s previous owner.

She has not been microchipped and seems to have been neglected before she was found on the tree.

Source: Facebook.

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