He May Be ‘Half-Dog’ But Pig Is Twice As Nice As Any Canine And A Huge Social Media Star!

Pig was born with all kinds of disadvantages: her spine is seven inches shorter than normal for this kind of dogs, she has missing ribs and bones that have fused together and, to top it all off, she has virtually no neck.

And yet, despite all of these deformities, Pig has now become a full-fledged internet sensation. Tens of thousands of people have watched her videos since she had a coming-out party at a community event in Birmingham, Alabama, last month.

Furthermore, Pig has her own Facebook page with a big following. So yes, she is a start and deservedly so!

1. Found in woods near Atlanta, Pig was born with severe deformities, but was adopted and nursed by a woman in Alabama, and has gone on to win the hearts people’s all over the world.

She May Be An 'Ugly Mutt' Favorite, But This 'Half-Dog' Has A Huge Fan Base... And She Deserves It.

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