Here Are 9 Of The Cutest (And Most Unlikely) Buddies You Will Ever Meet.

The dog, we are frequently told, is man’s best friend. However, canines, it seems, get on just as well creatures as different as orangutans and elephants, as this footage proves.

A Labrador playing with an elephant, a lion cub cuddling up with a meerkat, a cat protecting baby chicks and a wombat catching a ride on top of a tortoise — they all make it into Android’s best videos of odd animal couples ever made for its latest ad.

Set to the Disney song Robin Hood And Little John, the 60-second clip is entitled Friends Furever and ends with the phrase “Be together. Not the same.” (Scroll through for the images and video.)

1. An elephant and a dog enjoy a little down time in each other’s arms.

From A Labrador Playing With An Elephant To A Lion Cub Cuddling With A Meerkat And A Wombat Riding A Tortoise, This Video Of The Cutest (And Most Unlikely) Buddies Will Melt Your Heart.

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