‘I Am Brave And You Can Be Brave Also’, A 5-Year-Old Girl With Cancer Tells Other Sufferers In A Moving Video.

Hannah Higgins is only five years old, but she can teach much older people on being brave in the face of adversity. With the help of her dad Joshua, the young girl has recorded a video in which she talks to people suffering with cancer, the terrible illness that is afflicting her.

Hannah, who is ill with bilateral Wilms’ tumor, which is a form of kidney cancer, sent a deeply moving message to other sufferers, telling them:

If you have cancer don’t worry — I am brave and you can be brave also.

In her clip, Hannah talks about her tumor, the treatment she’s been going through since February 2014 at Rady Childrens Hospital in San Diego, and the effect the ordeal has had on her with an incredible level of maturity. She describes the tumor that was removed from her body as a “big meatball on her kidney” and adds:

Chemo has medicine to kill the cells that are growing the tumour and the medicine keeps going to try and kill it. This also damages the cells which grow my hair so all my hair fell out. I had something called radiation also, which is pretty fun because you get to blow bubbles and I can bring my CD and sing along. And you have these butterfly stickers they draw on you with permanent marker. Cancer is no fun but its a little bit fun because you get to go on this camp.

Now here is the amazing girl:

Five-year-old Hannah Higgins sends a reassuring message to other children suffering from cancer.

'I Am Brave And You Can Be Brave Also', A 5-Year-Old Girl With Cancer Tells Other Sufferers In A Moving Video.

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