‘I Swear My Dad Is A Child’. A School Kid Came Home To Find His Father Doing THIS…

A teenager has posted a hilarious new video, in which he has captured the scene he came across when he returned home after school. And it was a hilariously memorable one…

The video was posted on YouTube on November 18, along with the caption:

I come home and my dad is doing this. What the hell. I swear he’s a child.

I don’t expect that many would argue with the teen’s assessment. His daredevil father, from Harrisville, Rhode Island, had tethered his motorbike to a tree with some kind of rope and was filmed as he was “swinging” along.

The video shows him accelerating the bike back and forth, making it “fly” and twirl through the air. After about half a minute of swinging around, the motorcycle bounces at an angle causing the man to fall off. He does manage, however, to quickly get out of the way and avoid being hit.

The footage was filmed by Jake Surprenant, but his dad is unmanned. Now here is the video which has already attracted more than 850,000 views.

This is what Jake Surprenant saw when he came home after school:.

'I Swear My Dad Is A Child'. A School Kid Came Home To Find His Father Doing THIS...

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