‘I Used To Be Great. Powerful. The Best. Absolutely Unrivaled’. Oh, The Good Old Days…

Reddit user arrz has shared what surely is one of the funniest infographics to grace Reddit’s (virtual) pages in quite a long time. Everyone will get a kick out of it, but our British readers are certain to enjoy it the most.

To begin with, arrz has chosen a great title for the graph (and I guess the only one possible):

The Good Old Days.

There is something for everyone there, but there is one constant force that is pervasive throughout the graph — rain. I mean, if I didn’t know better I might have thought that the author equates the natural phenomenon with the quality of being British.

As one would have guessed, Sharia Law makes an appearance, as do Scotland and the EU and, of course, it all ends in a pub.

The Good Old Days.

'I Used To Be Great. Powerful. The Best. Absolutely Unrivaled'. Oh, The Good Old Days...

Source: Imgur.

Via Reddit.

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