If Only You And I Could Be As Happy As This Dog At That Very Moment…

Reddit user washedupwornout has shared an absolutely awesome GIF with us, titled simply A dog and a water fountain. And as many commenters have pointed out, at that moment this must have been the happiest dog alive.

Another commenter points us to the GIF’s source — this video, which was uploaded just over a week ago by YouTube user Martha Bellingham. She provides some details:

I was on the way to work at Central Saint Martins College and I came across this dog ‘dancing’ in the water fountains outside. It is amazing how animals have the ability to teach humans to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

The spot where the lucky dog is having all that fun has been recognized as being located in London, “Granary Square N1, in front of Central St. Martin’s College to be specific”. Unfortunately, I find myself in agreement with another commenter who says:

You or I will never be as happy as this dog is in that very moment.

However, I can be and am very happy for the dog… Now here are the video and the GIF, enjoy!

And here is the GIF:

If Only You And I Could Be As Happy As This Dog At That Very Moment...

Source: Imgur.