Just Another Market In Bangkok…

OK, I would never, ever, have imagined that anything like this was even remotely possible. But here it is captured on video for all of us to witness. And if this doesn’t leave you in total disbelief, well, I don’t know what will.

So, what we are looking at is an old market and in Bangkok. It is a very small one and it is called Talat Rom Hup, although it may also be known as Market on the Railway Track, Maeklong Railway Market or simply The Train Market.

This market is located on the railway, close to Maeklong Railway Station, on a line which (as you will see) is still in use. It is a huge draw for tourists who flock to the market to watch as the vendors rush to fold and remove their awnings and umbrellas, before the train arrives.

Apart from its semi-official local name Rom Hup Market, meaning roughly the umbrella market, it is also ironically called Nee Tai Market, as the merchants have to flee away to escape from the oncoming trains.

This market opens and closes 8 times and day, as there are 4 trains passing up and down.

There are a number of big supermarkets like Tesco in the area, but vendors at Talat Rom Hup are still selling things the way they did for decades, before the giant chains arrived.

Just Another Market In Bangkok...

Image source: Google Plus / Gz Supavanich.

And here is another one:

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