Locked Up In A Car For 4 Hours, This Boxer Dies While His Owners Are Shopping.

A disturbing video has captured the last moments of a dying dog’s life after finally being freed from the unbearable heat inside the car his owners had locked him in while they went shopping at IKEA.

The clip shows a policeman breaking the car’s window to get to the 14-month-old Boxer trapped inside.

The dog, named Fidji, can be seen panting heavily for air, as the rescuers pour water over him and he is removed from the vehicle.

The video was published both on Live Leak and YouTube and the caption that accompanies the clip tells us that Fidji was locked up inside the car for four hours and died in hospital later that day.

The video was published by Live Leak on June 27. The caption provides some details:

Fidji, a 14 months old boxer, has died yesterday due to being left in car while his owners were shopping at IKEA.

He has stayed 4 hours in the heat until someone decided to break the vehicle’s window. In spite of a three hours surgical operation at the local vet to save him, Fidji eventually passed away around 8 pm yesterday night from internal bleeding.

This happened to a French family that was on its way to a wedding in Spain. They stopped a little too long at IKEA to find a present.


RIP Fidji.

1. Fidji, a 14-month-old Boxer, died after being left in a hot car for four hours.

Locked Up In A Car For 4 Hours, This Boxer Dies While His Owners Were Shopping.

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