Meet Frank And Stein – A Two-Headed Baby Snapping Turtle.

Kathleen Talbot of Hudson, Maine, came across a hatch of baby snapping turtles that were trying to cross the road and stopped to make sure that all of them made the trek safely. It was then that something unusual caught her attention — one of the babies had two heads. Talbot told WLBZ-TV:

I thought he had two feet in the front. I thought he was deformed. I didn’t realize it was two heads until I got him home and washed him. Then he came to life — and was just starving.

The woman named the young turtle Frank and Stein, the TV station said. She told Bangor Daily News:

I bought him reptile pellets, which heΓÇÖs not sure if he likes yet, but he does like worms and flies and hamburger. My intentions aren’t to keep him, but to at least give him a good start. Then maybe the New England Aquarium or some place like that would want him. I’ve read about these situations most of my life. One thing with two-headed turtles is you need to be careful that they don’t drown. Basically, they can get stuck in funny positions or flip over and not be able to right themselves. Normally, if they flip over, they can use their head to right themselves, but if they have two heads trying to do different things, they can get stuck. He’s a feisty little rascal. He’s already eating with both heads at just 24 hours old.

(Scroll down for a video of Talbot’s unusual find.)

1. Kathleen Talbot came across a two-headed baby snapping turtle that was trying to cross the road.

Meet Frank And Stein - A Two-Headed Baby Snapping Turtle.

2. Talbot has said Frank and Stein enjoy eating ‘worms and flies and hamburger’.

Meet Frank And Stein - A Two-Headed Baby Snapping Turtle.

And here is the video:

Sources: WLBZ-TV, Bangor Daily News.

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