Meet Nala, The Most Famous Cat On Instagram!

Nala is an abandoned rescue cat which has overcome her tough start in life to reach stardom. Today Nala is very probably the most famous feline in the world, having won the hearts, and the following, of more than two and a half million Instagram users.

Whether she is lazily lounging on the sofa or has put on a fashionable bow-tie, Nala has proved irresistible to people all over the world. Fans even wear t-shirts with her face on them.

Fortunately for her, Nala was adopted by cat-lover Varisiri Mathachittiphan, nicknamed Pookie, who lovingly nursed the cat back to health. Varisiri was so impressed with the adorable feline, that she decided to set up an Instagram account to share with the rest of the world her joy with Nala’s antics.

1. An abandoned rescue cat has become an internet hit.

Meet Nala, The Most Famous Cat Alive. And You Are About To Make Her Following Even Larger...

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