Meet The Amazing Diving Pigs! Who Would’ve Thought They’d Be So Agile…

A Chinese pig farmer had a revelation one day: he realized that he could make more money teaching his pigs to perform an unusual, and hugely amusing, trick than he was making from selling them to slaughterhouses. And the idea surely paid off.

As you will see below, Huang Demin installed a diving board at his farm and taught his pigs to jump from it in the pond below.

And surely enough, people loved the spectacle so much that the attraction is now being offered at parks and farms all over China. And once you’ve seen the pictures below, you will understand why.

1. Pigs were initially taught to dive by a farmer who wanted to keep his livestock happy and entertained.

These Pigs Are The Stars Of An Unusual Spectacle. And Trust Me When I Say It's AWESOME.

Source: The Daily Mail.

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