Meet The ‘Crazy Gringo’ Who Spends His Days Rescuing Mistreated Dogs In Puerto Rico…

The story of this man who’s made it his life’s work to rescue dogs who have been beaten, poisoned, hacked with machetes and dumped on a beach, is uplifting and worth telling.

Stephen McGarva moved from from Rhode Island to Puerto Rico in the spring of 2005, so that he could indulge his passion for kite-surfing.

What he ended up doing, however, was rescuing stray dogs, or “satos” as they are called on the island, which roamed the beaches and streets of Puerto Rico. He almost paid with his life for that. (Scroll through for the video.)

1. Stephen holds a puppy he found inside of a dead horse where he had crawled to stay warm at night.

This 'Crazy Gringo' Spends His Days Rescuing Severely Mistreated Dogs In Puerto Rico...

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On arrival at the beach in Playa Lucia to go kite-surfing, Stephen found not the pristine beach paradise he expected, but tons of strewn garbage and many bloodied and beaten dogs, some of them dead or in the process of dying.

Considered a nuisance to the local tourism, the dogs dumped here had been beaten, poisoned, burned to death, hacked with machetes, shot with guns or simply dropped off and run over.

Those who had escaped death often had infected knife wounds or broken bones that had healed improperly. Yet others had charred or split skin after being drenched with gasoline and burned. All of them were starving to death.

Well, Stephen didn’t think twice but went to get food for them. Taking care of the severely mistreated dogs became his life’s work for the next two years. He said:

I knew deep in my heart that if I walked away, it would be a decision I’d regret the rest of my life.

Share Stephen’s story with your friends below — they would want to hear it.