Monday’s Best: ‘My Grandfather’s Front Door Has About 15 Years Of Cat Damage… He’s A Big Cat!’

Viral Spell’s Monday’s Cutest shows you the front door of a cat owner’s home. It displays about 15 years worth of feline damage. Meanwhile, the responsible party is peacefully having lunch next to it…

Then a puppy will find himself caught between a floof and a hard place… You’ll see.

And before long a St. Bernard puppy will be chasing the camera…

1. “My grandfather’s front door has about 15 years of cat damage… He’s a big cat!”

Monday's Best: 'My Grandfather's Front Door Has About 15 Years Of Cat Damage... He's A Big Cat!'

Cats are known for doing things they shouldn’t be doing — here is Timmy “borrowing” a plush tiger from the neighbors:

Watch: Timmy The Cat Is Caught 'Borrowing' A Tiger Plush Toy From The Neighbors.

And here is a kitten destroying the ceramic cat, because it wouldn’t play with him:

Watch: A Kitten Tries Its Hardest To Get The New Cat To Play With Him But It's All In Vain!

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