Not Groomed For A DECADE, This Dog’s Coat Became So Matted That Two Of His Legs Fell Off.

Not groomed for a decade, a poodle’s fur had become so matted that by the time he was finally rescued two of his legs had fallen off.

When rescuers found Bobb the poodle, who had been owned by homeless people in Los Angeles, California, they discovered that his matted fur had cut off the blood circulation to his legs, which caused them to begin to detach.

Vets in San Diego had to amputate the limbs and remove his front right leg just above his paw and his hind left leg just below the knee. They also pulled out most of Bobb’s teeth, which were rotting. (Scroll down for the video.)

1. This poodle, named Bobb, had not been groomed for a decade and ended up with fur that was so matted that it cut off two of his legs.

Not Groomed For A DECADE, This Poodle's Fur Became So Matted That Two Of His Legs Fell Off.

Fortunately, Bobb recovered.

Just a few months after his rescue by the Synergy Animal Rescue center, Bobb has made an amazing recovery and is practically unrecognizable now that his fur is groomed.

The poodle has found a new home with Megan Lundberg, a professional dog trainer who fostered him before deciding that she and her husband wanted to adopt him. She said:

As soon as I heard about Bobb I immediately knew we wanted to foster him.

The Synergy rescue director, Carla, named him Amaze-Bobb. Bobb spent a week with us, as well as our two Siberian huskies and two cats. We gave him a calm place to rest, recover, and be loved and spoiled, before he underwent a full week of vet’s appointments.

Lundberg added:

Bobb continued to heal and recover. He began to play, run, and was well on his way to a full recovery. He visited people with special needs to spread his message of strength, love, compassion, and understanding.

Bobb was also set to visit kids at the child oncology clinic but then became suddenly ill himself. He spent several weeks at the vet as they ran tests and discovered a large infected abscess in his mouth. For a while we thought it may the end of Bobb’s journey, but thankfully he is a fighter and refused to give in. He made a full recovery, though he did lose even more of his teeth.

He has settled right in, and has been loving life. He is playful, active, happy, and incredibly smart. He has learned to sit, lie down, speak, and “reach” where he waves his front nub.

Lundberg has tried to get prosthetic limbs for her poodle, but as his amputations are so high, there is not enough leg left to attach them to. She said:

Bobb is proof that there is hope for older or abandoned dogs.

Bobb didn’t deserve to be euthanized because he is old and was neglected so severely. He did have a miserable existence but that is behind him now…

He goes on short walks, and runs, quite fast considering. He’s not in pain and is happy.

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