On His Way To Work This Biker Made An Unplanned Stop. He Extricated A Girl From An Overturned Car… Then Went To Work.

This video just made my day. Just watching this biker guy calmly pull over at the scene of an accident, do what needs to be done (without even taking his helmet off), then let the professionals take over, was amazing.

The biker in question gives us some details about what went on and where:

On my way home from work on the San Diego 163 northbound and there was a car overturned. I stopped to lend a hand and caught it on my helmet cam. Driver O.K.

So, job extremely well done. But I should also give props to the EMT guy, as many others have. One commenter put it nicely:

That EMT made me smile. I know that’s his job and all, but the way he was doing his assessment on the woman made it seem like he cared.

Agreed — great job all around. Here is the video.

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