Oscar The Dog Doesn’t Like Mornings. And He Just Hates The Alarm Clock…

This is the most hilarious dog video I have seen in a very, very long time. It makes you wonder just how much more human a dog can get, without actually being human. Not much, I think…

So, what you are about to see is Oscar the vizsla dog blissfully enjoying his nap, tucked under the quilt. He seems as though he could do this forever.

Well, unfortunately for Oscar, someone was tactless enough to have set the alarm clock. Why would anyone play such an awful joke on poor Oscar?

And when the alarm went off, hilarity promptly ensued. Poor Oscar started moaning, groaning and howling his displeasure and you can’t help but sympathize with him.

Yet, much as he is bothered by the alarm, Oscar doesn’t move an inch. Eventually, the torture instrument shuts itself off and Oscar is once again able to resume his sleep.

If you want to help this amazing (though perhaps a bit lazy) breed, you can donate to Vizslamentes, a rescue group in Budapest, Hungary, which works with vizsla and pointer breeds.

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