Pizza Hut Hired This Cat To Work In One Of Their Stores In Japan. This Is What He Does.

This is just hilarious. I’ve watched it four times already and still can’t stop laughing. I guess the biggest question I have is how do you come up with such a brilliant idea? Yes, I am jealous.

So, the video was shared with us by Reddit user nomer2 under the title This cat was hired to work at pizza hut in japan. This is his job.

And sure enough, it wasn’t a joke. The cat, who unfortunately has been left nameless, truly does have a job, as you will soon discover. Although, as one commenter points out, how Pizza Hut has managed to convince the feline to park its furry butt at his work station and stay there, just beats me.

And, as you might expect, being a Pizza Hut worker, the feline is clothed into an appropriate uniform. One commenter claims that ‘feline coordination is severely inhibited when they are made to wear “clothes”‘, but I think that our hero is doing his job just fine.

Oh, and one last thing before we move on to the video. Several commenters have expressed doubts that this is truly a Pizza Hut, because it is too clean and orderly, among other things. Well, as one person explains, “the Pizza Huts in Japan are considered classy establishments. Source: I live in Osaka.”

So, there you have it. Now here is the video, enjoy!

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