Police Rescue A Man From A Car’s Wreckage After A Fiery Crash – Police Dash Cam Footage.

Police made a heroic rescue after a fiery car crash results in a wreckage in Wilton, CT.

On November 23 around 8:40 p.m. Wilton Police officers responded to reports that a driver was trapped inside a car which was on fire.

Whey the officers arrived at the scene, which was on the side of New Canaan Road, near the intersection with Old Boston Road, they found a 2001 Range Rover on fire, with smoke filling the air.

The SUV had gone off the side of the road and hit several trees before bursting in flames.

The dash cam footage taken from one of the police cars shows two officers running over with a fire extinguisher to put out the flames and you also see them drag the 26-year-old driver out of the back hatch of the car.

Police say that the car’s door had jammed, so the driver, Hunter Stanfield, 26, of Wilton, got stuck inside.

Shortly afterward, the Wilton Fire Department arrived at the scene to put out the fire completely, which was difficult because the fuel line broke.

Stanfield was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries, but was released on the following morning.

Police are investigating whether there was a criminal aspect to the crash, but couldn’t comment further due to the open nature of the investigation.

Wilton Police released the names of the heroic officers: Sgts. David Hartman, Gregg Phillipson and Amault Baker; and Officers Mark Canepari, Brandon Harris and Malcolm Hayes.