Saturday’s Cutest: Meet Brutus!

Viral Spell’s Saturday’s Cutest presents Brutus the Husky puppy. He is as cute as he is very special — Brutus has the most beautiful pair of odd eyes you will see!

Then the cutest baby otter will go exploring…

And before long you will be treated to a three-generation family nap…

1. Meet Brutus!

Saturday's Cutest: Meet Brutus!

And here is Abby, a beautiful odd-eyed Rottweiler / Husky mix puppy:

Saturday's Special: Meet Abby, The Odd-Eyed Rottweiler / Husky Puppy!

Here is another gorgeous odd-eyed puppy:

Sunday's Most Viral: Odd-Eyed Puppy.

And here is a pair of odd-eyed kittens:

Saturday's Cutest: Odd-Eyed Kitties Mirroring Each Other!

Following are our most viral videos for the past month — have fun!