Spike The Cockatoo Is These Two Great Danes’ Best Friend. Watch Him Feed Them With Free Milk-Bones.

This is the most amazing video I’ve seen in a very long time. This white cockatoo has not only figured out what these two Great Danes want, but is giving it to them, for no apparent benefit to itself. I guess that’s what we call friendship.

The video has been uploaded by YouTube used rrry1950 under the simple title:

Spike feeds the Danes Milk-Bones.

In it, we see an Umbrella Cockatoo perched atop a box of Milk-Bones dog food, taking pieces of bones from inside the box and throwing them to the ground for his appreciative canine friends.

So, yes, Spike the white cockatoo has every right to be considered these two Great Danes’ best friend and my only hope is that the canines have found a way to reciprocate.

On the other hand, this bird is so clever that he may well have some kind of a plan underway for taking over the whole household and is recruiting the Great Danes as allies. Time will tell.

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