Sweets The English Bulldog Is As Courteous As Any Fellow Biker… And Infinitely Cuter.

An awesome new video has been making many people reconsider their general opinion of bikers. Not only is this one extremely cute, but she is also incredibly courteous and will never utter a foul word. The video in question has been published by YouTube user Christine Sutton under a fairly descriptive title:

Sweets the English Bulldog sees a biker wave at us and she waves back ALL ON HER OWN!!!

Yes, she certainly does that and has captured the collective imagination of more than 1.1 million viewers in only a week. And for good reason — as many have noted, Sweets is not only “a total badass”, but she’s also “cooler than me”, “better than her owner”, etc. You get the picture.

Of course, people can always ask for more, and they’ve done so here. One commenter, for example, makes this observation:

In a perfect world, the other biker had a cam too and posted this on youtube.

Well, it’s never enough, is it? Now I give you Sweets.

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