The Moment An ER Doctor Steps Outside After Losing A 19-year-Old Patient.

A grainy, dark photograph, taken from across a parking lot of a person kneeling to the ground, his head bent and face invisible, has attracted huge attention on social media.

Posted on online forum Reddit on Thursday, the image is accompanied by the following caption:

An ER doctor steps outside after losing a 19-year old patient. (Posted by a close friend and coworker on Facebook; We are both EMTs).

1. This photograph of an ER doctor kneeling in the parking lot outside, after losing a patient, has gone viral (image source: Imgur).

The Moment An ER Doctor Steps Outside After Losing A 19-year-Old Patient.

The person who posted the image, who goes by the handle NickMoore911, explains that he is an EMT and adds that a fellow EMT took the picture. He wrote:

The man pictured was unable to save one of his patients.

Though this is a common occurrence in our field of work, the patients we lose are typically old, sick, or some combination of the two.

The patient that died was 19 years old, and for him, it was one of those calls we get sometimes that just hits you.

The Redditor wrote that he received permission to share the poignant picture, which promptly made it to Reddit’s front page, garnering more than 3,800 comments in the process.

NickMoore911 adds that he saw the image and felt that he had to share it publicly, because it would shed light on what it’s like to be in a life-and-death profession. He wrote:

I think people should know that the care providers are just as human as the patients, and this shows that stronger than anything I’ve seen in a long while.

The Redditor hasn’t provided any details about who the doctor is or where the picture was taken, nor has he shed any light on the circumstances of the teen’s death.

He did explain, however, what happened just after the picture was taken. He wrote:

Within a few minutes, the doctor stepped back inside, holding his head high again.

2. An ER doctor steps outside after losing a 19-year-old patient — a FOX 13 report.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur.

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