The Triumphant Moment Chunk The English Bulldog Overcomes His Phobia And Conquers The Stairs…

Sometimes you just have to take the plunge, and that is true for canines as much as it is true for humans. And it certainly was the case with this adorable puppy when it came to conquering the stairs for the first time.

Chunk the English Bulldog’s triumph was caught on video and showed the puppy sitting on a step at home for some time, considering the best method of getting down. After more than half-a-minute of thoughtful examination of the available options, Chunk pulled himself together and took the giant leap down. He just sprang into the air and got down in four steps.

Though he seems a bit unsteady on his feet, Chunk nevertheless lands down on all four paws, his wrinkly skin rippling after the fall. The woman filming the puppy’s stunt is heard giggling as he goes. As a reward for his bravery, Chunk gets a pat from his owner and a “that’s a good boy”.

Many viewers have commented that their dogs have had similar issues when it comes to getting down the stairs. One viewer commented:

My Pom is terrified to go up the step to my apt building. It’s one step, about three- to four inches tops. [But it] takes a good five to ten seconds to mentally prepare to launch himself.

Now here is the video of Chunk, then another one of an older dog helping a puppy overcome its own stair phobia. And then I have something special for you…

Now here is an older dog helping a puppy get down the stairs:

Finally, here is a cat helping a kitten overcome its stair phobia.

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